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A Seasonal Cycle in Four Acts


I. "Peggy Lee (I’ve Never Left Your Arms)" - John Connors
(lyr. Oscar Peterson, voc. John Connors, gtr. Mike Armstrong, key., voc., gtr., Faiz Razi)
I know the purple plains of Burma,
The crystal waters of the coral sea(s).
I know them well
And yet I've never left your arms.

I've heard the gentle bells of Summer
The wind that whispers through the olive trees.
I know them well
And yet I've never left your arms.

I've reached the peak of every mountain
Spanned the shores of every sea
For I embrace the world
When you are embracing me.

I've seen the paradise of Eden.
I can see it still.
And though I've never left your arms
I know I never will.
I know
I never will.
I never will.

[Sound of gong.]

"Autumnal Cannibalism" Western Standards
(mus., Major Miller voc., lyr. Faiz Razi)
I know that I never will
I know that I never will
Lose the taste of autumn on my tongue
A bell’s a cup until it’s struck and rung
Now beneath the rotten moon
Sing our ears a broken tune and wait
Time is just a modicum of time
And now here
You still appear
You still appear
You still appear

"Brothers and Sisters" Men of Kahili
(mus., lyr. Bradley R. Weissenberger, voc., gtr., loop. Faiz Razi)
And you still appear
in photographs my dear
pages old and worn
yellow, aged and torn

You still in mind
at every Christmastime
but the years have gathered fast
please let this season pass

I must forget you
I must go away
I must leave you all behind

"Bored Alive" - Small Awesome
(mus., lyr., contrabass uke. Faiz Razi, mus., bass, Jim MacGregor)
The leader of the band’s
leave of delay
eking out the past
as unchained links
wrap around the spring
killing our belief of the word
and I’m bored alive
and I’m bored of life

Leader of the band
and all the past love
tired of teasing, oh
I’m bored of life
I’m bored alive


released December 1, 2014
the Players:
Mike Armstrong: Nylon Guitars
John Connors: Voice
Jim MacGregor: Bass, Recording
Brian McNally: Recording
Major Miller: Keys, Guitars, Loops, Recording
Faiz Razi: Voice, Guitar, Contrabass, Keys, Loops, Recording
Bradley R. Weissenberger: Voice, Guitar, Keys, Recording
George Joseph Miller IV and Reid Garrison Miller: Field Recording

Arranged, Edited and Mixed by Faiz Razi Nov-Dec 2014




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